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is this to get done? >> there are lines in the sand, but i really believe america will reach consensus and we will have the insurance reforms that are necessary. we will reform the system and we will have a bill that we can achieve good health care. bill: do you think it can be done by the end of the year? >> i hope so, yes. bill: of will take that as a maybe. thank you. thank you for coming in. megyn: she dominated the women's world championship, dominating by far. then there were questions whether if she was a he. now there are five doctors, several weeks of testing, and an international scandal. our doctor now explains why this is necessary. bill: wasn't there a better story of the day? hundreds of african bees go wild in one woman's yard. are you safe in your backyard? ç>> lots of bees. >> she had bees in her nose, mouth, all over her head and torso. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. n diabetics on medicare.
kennedy will be more and not just in america, but on every continent. megyn: major is live from massachusetts with more. good morning. we expect president obama to speak on the senator's passing. put it in perspective for us. this senator was key to this president's election. >> absolutely, good morning. we are at the oak bluffs elementary school. my camera man is going to move the camera so that you can see that the flag is flying at half staff. they are flying that way at the u.s. capitol, all over martha's vineyard, part of a symbolic tribute to, as you said, a senator, a legislator, someone who left a mark not just on american politics, but on this particular president. you asked about logistics', we expect the president to take the microphone at 9:30, his remarks will be about 10 minutes long, talking about his own personal feelings for senator kennedy and placing his death in the ongoing and raging debate in america on health care. we have seen that ted kennedy was an inspiration to those fighting right now in america for health care reform. the democratic national committ
. >> the first guy you saw was a first responder and a passenger on the plane. we spoke to him on america's newsroom moments after the flight and he described the incident as severe like nothing he had ever experienced before and when you heard him say that 100% of the people didn't have their seat belts on he meant 100% of the injured did not have their seat belts on. >> i came here to flee the region of entitlement, latin america, a system that has been proven not work. i believe we all have a right of life but no any other rights. we can work hard to become somebody and that's what attracted myself to this company. bill: that was part of the meeting a lot of concern about where congress is headed on this issue my next guest had a town hall meeting of his own alikea cummings from baltimore, the democratic congressman from maryland good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: i haven't seen a video of you being shouted down. did it go ok? >> there was no shouting. as a matter of fact there was no incidents like other town hall meetings, and that's because i had an opportunity to explain t
-mails that americans are for redding. where is the aclu in all of this? i will tell you where. right here on "america's newsroom" in about 10 minutes. bill: janice dean joins us in a moment to tell us where tropical storm claudette is going next. >> like i said, we did not know it would get this bad. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years. and who doesn't want value for their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it? umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. sfwhen you own a business,g saving sounds good. so hear this: regions makes it simple to save money and time with lifegreen checking and savings for business, free convenient e-services and regions quick deposit, so you can deposit checks right from your desk. so switch to regions and start saving. plus, get a business financial review imagine... one scooter or power chair that could improve your mobility and your life. one medicare benefit th
. that is what we need in america today. [applause] >> i will try. number 12. >> yes, good morning. i have a simple yes or no question. will you ever vote for a bill that gives in on u.s. citizens access to a taxpayer paid free health? >>? -- free health service? >> i will not support a bill that gives health coverage to illegal immigrants. [applause] >> #13. who has 13? >> good morning. president obama and you have constantly stated that we will be allowed to keep our current plans, but how can we keep them if they do not exist? hr-3200, why does this bill and pose a payroll tax on employers who will not use the public option? [applause] how many americans work for these employers with payrolls that exceed $251,000, and what will happen to them when the employers drop their current coverage because they cannot afford a 2% to 8% payroll penalty tax? [applause] >> the tax is going to be directed only to the companies which do not have health coverage. it is not going to added tax to companies which have health care. so that, as represented, if you like your current plan, you can maintain it
get our stimulus money back? good morning, everyone. megyn: hello, everyone. welcome to "america's newsroom." our research team looked at this this morning. only 11% of the stimulus has been sent out so far. $700 billion is still sitting in the bank, and now some folks at town hall meetings are starting to ask -- in the words of the cartoon character -- for a refund, a refund. remember that? gregg: stu varney has a wonderful way of putting everything in perspective for us. >> you have not got a prayer. it is never going to happen. when was the last time a politician took $1 trillion of your money, did not spend it, and gave it back? >gregg: but if people start demanding that they are repaid -- let's take a look at this poll number. 72% say, return it to the taxpayers. that translates into the vocal demands that we are hearing across the country. could this help our recovery? >> yes, if we give this money back, it could make an improvement in american's finances. the fact is, the recession is just about over and our economy has self-corrected. we did not get much help from the sti
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on his computer. "the new york post," july 24, " dangerous doctors." everyone in america will need to read this. you will understand the groundswell. megyn: just to jump in, it is "deadly drs.." >> that is right. i am nervous. megyn: do not be nervous. a former governor of new york that was fairly outspoken, many of her predictions have come true. she outlined how rohm emmanuel's brother has some rather radical proposals for revisions to the health-care system. before we go on, what do you mean that they came to your house in the middle of the night? >> after the incident was on television, we had a visit that night. a message was sent to my family. it has been reported to the sheriff. the deputy has reported it to the state police. megyn: people are harassing you? >> yes, they are. all that i will say to the person that does not have the courage to do it in the daytime, i will use lethal force to protect scott and my wife. your message has been received. my wife is terrified. we have not told scott about it. if i ever catch you on my property, i will take the risk of going to pris
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right to you? >> at this point in my life, i have never thought that i would see america turn into what it has turned into. [applause] our representatives are not going to be able to do anything. megyn: look at the woman who is next in line. do you think she is on a twitter taking her directives from the far right conspiracy? do you think she came directly from the tea party? bill: we will be showing you these images. our cameras were not there, so we are getting this secondhand. we're just trying to share with you what happened. i have never gone to a meeting with mike connors then back home in ohio. i know you have not you there. -- with my congressman back home in ohio. i would assume that they would get maybe a dozen people, but we are seeing hundreds and hundreds of people show up. megyn: we are going to ask karl rove if it makes sense for the democrats to dismiss these people as extremists who have no point to make, instead of listening and dealing with what they say woul. many have said that these demonstrations is manufactured. bill: a new poll shows president obama's job rating
is the best school in america. megyn: they are mad and not going away. how top lawmakers are handling the outrage. >> kill the bill! when morning comes in the middle of the night... rooster crow. affects your entire day. to get a good night's sleep, try 2-layer ambien cr. the first layer dissolves quickly to help you fall asleep. and unlike other sleep aids, a second dissolves slowly to help you stay asleep. when taking ambien cr, don't drive or operate machinery. sleepwalking, and eating or driving while not fully awake with memory loss for the event as well as abnormal behaviors such as being more outgoing or aggressive than normal, confusion, agitation and halluciations may occur. don't take it with alcohol as it may increase these behaviors. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath, swelling of your tongue or throat may occur and in rare cases may be fatal. side effects may include next-day drowsiness, dizziness, and headache. in patients with depression, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide may occur. if you experience any of these behaviors or reactions
america the president's political group. take a listen to the exchange. >> whether obama for america or organizing for america has nothing to do with, never has had anything to do with what if you sign up for through white to receive e-mails so let's just -- the reason i interrupted you is because i want you to rephrase the question so doesn't continue to assume something is violating the law and mixing political -- >> some people who never signed up for anything related to the white house, nor obama as a candidate or anything. and have received e-mails from david axelrod. how could that be? >> i would have to look at who you said got the e-mails. host: major garrett joins us later in the show with the latest in what has now become an ongoing back and forth with the white house on this. bill: as away search for enss we get e-mails from viewers and we have gotten several who said i sent an e-mail to flag the white we want to answer your questions how the white house posed it. they would send up to 10 e-mails and not get an answer but in return they would get the
morning, everyone. i am bill hemmer, live in -"america's newsroom." megyn kelly -- megyn: president obama might have to break his campaign promise, putting the middle-class on the hook to help to pay them a growing deficit. that deficit is now expected to top $2 trillion next year. that is before we and in the cost of health care reform. bill: stuart varney, fox business network, with us live. 94 taking with us -- taking this with us one at a time. >> the writing is on low wall and it has been for some time. it's as this, middle america is going to have to -- and it says this, middle america is going to have to pay for this with taxes. just for confirmation, let's take another look at timothy geithner's interview. >> roger altman said that it is no longer a matter of whether tax revenues must increase, but how. is he right? >> george is absolutely right. it is important for everyone to understand, we will not get this country back on track unless we can convince the american people that we have the will to bring things down once recovery is firmly established. >> you have a right there, q
the relief of the families. but my name is bill hemmer, coming to you live from "america's newsroom." megyn: they had been sent to prison camps in north korea while on assignment for the al gore , and broadcast, tru tv. now the women have been released and their families are waiting for them thanks to the negotiations behind the scenes by former president bill clinton. we did not send the secretary of state, we send our former president. there was a reason for that, believe me. there were reports that the deal was worked out long before the president actually set foot on the airplane. bill: we are starting to piece together the information. they had been sentenced to several years of hard labor in a prison camp. apparently they never made it there. they had been housed in government housing. new reports from earlier today coming out of north korea about their captivity, apparently they had the opportunity to telephone their parents and families on several occasions. they were the ones who reportedly told their parents that the key to the release was whether or not the former president, bill
to keep the news from the public, but we could handle the news. one-third of americans think that america -- aliens are real. what really will happen is that are immediately the media will get top of the story and everyone it knows about it. bill: thank you for coming on today. good luck with the project. megyn: these guys run for the tornado when it hits, what did they see? bill: democratic congressman said that he would vote on the health care bill no matter how he wants, no matter how his voters feel. that made them angry. he will join us live. boss: so you've been doing a nice job out there helping people save money on car insurance. gecko: aw thank you, sir. boss: but i think there are a few other things you can say about what a reliable company geico is. gecko: right. uh, well maybe how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in america? nice tidbit there. boss: exactly. and i've been thinking, looking a bit more businesslike might help too. gecko: oh my. uhhh, no it's, what's, what's the word... vogeico. 15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance. bill
rural america. it will be much harder for them to get care. those doctors will not be there. we have more seniors every day. they need cancer doctors and they need cardiologists. modern medicine has helped people live longer and longer to really have been taking our show on the road today. we were in mississippi yesterday, arkansas before that, and nebraska. people from around the communities are turning out, and the doctors are turning out as well. specialists are very concerned tha. megyn: let me give people an example. there is one doctor in virginia who said -- the government is going to cut the $251 it pays for a sonogram they do on your heart. their goal to cut it by 40%. cardiac catheterization will be cut by 1/3. cardiologists are not rich to begin with. >> the government is the biggest deadbeat when it comes to paying for health care. at those prices, you cannot even afford the liability insurance against losses. you cannot afford to pay the nurses and buy the equipment. washington does not even pay enough to put the gas in the ambulance. government does a poor job. washingt
about medicare, worry about the private insurance industry. doctors here on america's news room, we appreciated. bill: doctors over here, doctors over there, doctors everywhere. we need them. they are seeing patients every day. they will be affected. megyn: it gives you those practical examples. dr. siegel was right, it is already happening with seniors. bill: i hear you. in a moment, health care reform, live pictures out of iowa. moments away, chuck grassley, hosting a town hall meeting. what happened? we will find out. megyn: now we know it is a fake. how did they do it? answers. what heals me? girls' night out. and for damage from acid reflux disease, my nexium. announcer: for many, one prescription nexium pill a day can heal damage to the esophagus that acid reflux disease may cause over time. and nexium can provide 24-hour heartburn relief. headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain are possible side effects of nexium and other serious stomach conditions may still exist. announcer: ask your doctor about the healing purple pill. learn how you can save online. if you can't afford you
, that every single q and a that you went through was going to be broadcast live to people across america? >> i did not know when i pulled into the town hall meeting. i do these regularly during the august recess. i cover virtually every one of pennsylvania's 67 counties every year i was surprised when you covered the full thing on the full hour and a half. megyn: some people give you a hard time. they had serious questions about this health care reform bill. you answered the questions. a lot of your colleagues in congress have dodged the issue by not having a town hall meetings. let me ask you. have they had any impact on you? from what we have seen not only in town halls, but in the polls, the people are not behind the current push behind health- care reform. >> it has had an impact on me. i think the people who were boisterous and would not allow others to be heard, that is unusual at town hall meetings. beneath that, beyond any question, there is tremendous anger and dicke goes beyond frustration. it is a matter of the national debt. that is why pledged not to vote for a health care insuran
of that see patients every day. much more, coming up on "america's newsroom." megyn: a 38-year-old mother in northern georgia is missing. out for a walk on a back road, she was talking on her cell phone with her boyfriend at the time. he says that he heard a struggle and that suddenly the phone went dead. police are looking into her former job as a probation officer and if it might have played a role in her disappearance. we are going live to marion, live from georgia. where are they in the search? >> this is just a nightmare scenario, on the phone with her boyfriend. he said that the last thing that he heard her say was a "do not take me." they found her phone a few miles away, but they think she was -- but the phone was in the opposite direction from where she takes walks normally. right now investigators are going door-to-door, talking to people, hoping to get any information that they could. yesterday they searched a lake, they had divers. they have been searching by air. there had been no sign of her. i spoke to her family, they said they were hoping that the fact that she was taken
on america's own recovery, in a moment, a model murdered. a person of interest is now on the run, a former reality tv show. megyn: and take a look at this photograph. she ran pretty darn fast. in fact, so far away, she caught the attention of authorities who want to know if she is really a woman. ç - rock music playing ) - ♪ oh! what do you say to a spin around the color wheel? - to paint with primer already mixed in? - ♪ yeah yeah yeah... - test samples instead of can commitments? - ♪ whoo! - what do you say we dip into our wallets less... - ♪ are you feeling it? - ...and grab ahold of the latest tools out there... - ♪ oh! we can quit all that messing around with extra steps - and get busy turning our doing dials up a notch? - ♪ whoo! ♪ oh! more saving. more doing. - that's the power of the home depot. - ♪ yeah yeah yeah. more saving. more doing. it can be tough living with copd... but i try not to let it slow me down. i go down to the pool for a swim... get out and dance... even play a little hide-n-seek. i'm breathing better... with spiriva. announcer:
to a brand new power of ""america's newsroom." patti ann: by state -- vice- president dick cheney claiming that his tactics saved american lives. bill: he also told chris wallace about disagreements he had with president bush on the issue of iran. kelly wright as our coverage from washington. what did the vice president say about the terrorism investigation? >> let's be clear, we all know that the former vice president is known for being blunt and direct. it should come to no surprise that he is busting the decision to investigate the cia. he says president obama is committing and umbrageous political act. >> and outrageous political act that will do great damage long- term to our capacity to be able to have people take on difficult job, make difficult decisions without having to worry about what the next administration is going to say. >> you recall that the cia was giving guidelines to use waterboarding and other tactics. while some consider these methods to be tortured, he said these tactics kept the country safe from terrorist attack. bill: on the topic of iran, what did he say about t
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